Friday, December 10, 2010

Welcome everyone to my very first DT blog hop post. I wish you all a very happy and wonderful Christmas. There will be a RAK from myself for one of the ladies who leave a little comment on my blog. I will put the names in a hat at the end of the weekend and announce the winner next week.

I am sure the wonderful Sandra Wallace has got you inspired and giggling
if I know Sandra at all it was probably a big belly laugh. xxx

I am very happy to be a new member of this wonderful company and very excited to be embarking on this new venture with such a supportive and inspiring group of people.

This layout is all Ms Kinders fault......because she challenged me to do a layout with a banner. Jo will verify I was not at all happy. This was one trend I was not in love with LOL.

I could look at other peoples layouts and go "that looks fantastic" but myself noooooooooo.
I still think this would be better without the banner!!!!!!

I got my trusty cricut warmed up and put in the "joys of the season"cartridge. I found the star border and cut it out with the shadow cut as well, so i had two peices that fit over the top of each other. A little braid some puffy stars and gold kindy glitz and viola a banner.

The twiddly bitz peices used on this page are;

nero mantle which i had crackle painted blue and wasn't happy with so i then used gold crackle paint over the top.

Fern leaves set of 4. I have used one of these sprayed with crafty notions mintalious.

Merry Xmas word with Holly leaves i have sprayed with crafty notions cherrylious and then I used green tinsel embossing powder on the leaves and glued on little holly berries.

HO!HO!HO! I sprayed with cherrylious also then I black embossed the exclamation marks.


  1. What a great page. I LOVE the banner. Great job and good on ya for challenging yourself.

  2. I love your layout Tracy and the banner!
    Very festive! The torn paper is very effective and the photo is wonderful!
    Thanks for sharing! Have a safe and happy xmas!
    kerri x

  3. I'm not a huge fan of the banner trend either Tracey, but your star banner is fabulous! Gorgeous layout, and I love your Christmas cards too - quick, easy, and they look great!

    Hope you & your family have a wonderful Christmas & a Happy New Year! xx

  4. Gorgeous layout! Love what you did with the nero! Awesome work.

  5. What a fab page!!! I have to admit, I ADORE the banner :-) :-)

  6. I really love the banner, it works! great job

  7. Love your star banner...perfect for a Christmas layout! What cute Christmas cards...great inspiration~

  8. I think you have ROCKED the banner - it looks fab!!!

  9. Im with you on the banner thing, I was never into them, but I have been reformed, I actually love them now, and I think yours looks great.

  10. See everyone loves the banner - not so bad a layout after all. Actually looks fab.

  11. Me personally love your looks great! Good on you for stepping out of your comfort zone........thanks for sharingxx

  12. Love all the distressing on your page and as the others have said the banner looks fab.

  13. the banner looks great and good on you for giving it a go Tracey. Love the nero across the bottom ....great page.
    Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration.
    Merry Christmas xx

  14. Love your layout Tracey!!! and the banner looks great, but in saying that I don't do banners either ;)
    It was lovely to meet you last night, hope we can catch up again sometime!!!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family

    Tracy x

  15. Great job on the layout - the banner looks great (I too, am 'afraid' of them!) and your twiddley is fantastic! TFS Jen

  16. Gorgeous work Tracey! Even WITH the banner! ;) heheheh I don't particularly like them either but I do think you have put a unique twist on yours and it looks great. I REALLY love your cards below too... fabulous and inspiring! Thanks for the share.

  17. woops left the comment on the wrong post... pmsl...
    I'd just like to poobaa the challenge you threw out to me... maaaan that sucked hehehe
    I think this is great & you should do more banners :D