Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Kraft + January challenge

This is our mission if we choose to accept it......

I am really slack at journaling and I know how very important it is to making the preserved memories meaningful, so I am going to endeavour to include it in my layouts this year.

I went with the Heidi Swapp hint to mixed hand writing in with other fonts. So I used chipboard and stickers with hand written words for this layout.


Thanks for looking


  1. The hearts! They look fabulous:) And I think the idea of mixing in your handwriting is ace:) Lovely take on our current K+ challenge - as always, thanks for joining in:):)

  2. Love your layout to bits. Thanks for sharing and joining in on the challenge this month.

  3. This play on fonts is awesome! Thanks for joining us at Kraft+.

  4. Very Cool..
    The mix of fonts is eye catching!
    Thanks for taking the challenge..
    Mardi x

  5. Love how you included your handwriting in the title, very different and cool, thanks for joining us at Kraft+

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