Monday, April 18, 2011

Playing with the Cricut

Using a PVC plastic cover from my sons project book i cut some shapes to use as masks. I selected from the indie art cartridge the flame,heart and diamond. Flame, - fit to page-, speed medium, pressure maxiumum and blade 6 Heart, only difference was i took off fit to page and selected size 4" diamond selected size 4" the cut was great on the flame even though it didn't go all the way through it snapped apart really easily. It was a bit harder for the heart i had to use sissors in some places and the diamond didn't want to come to the party at all. I think this was because my cutting matt was not sticky enough and the sheet of PVC wasn't totally flat. To do the background i started with a burnt orange piece of cardstock. Using the flame in the centre and the dicard piece from the heart i sprayed Black gold glimmer mist first and i moved the discard peice around and sprayed with candy apple red. I blended some black distress ink around the edges and used some red paint for the top edge to drip a little. For the layout i cut another Heart size 3" speed medium, pressure high and blade set on 4. I then inked over the top with a faux crackle stamp and gold brillance ink. The word Heartbreaker i picked size 1 1/4 " which is about as small as i think you could take it, as mine was nearly ripping in the cut. I used the same settings as above for the heart. I only used scrap pieces of cardstock for this layout and here is the finished page.

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  1. That's a very handsome photo of Brent :) and the black gold glimmer mist looks fantastic!